Working up a storm

I’m knitting things like crazy, to give away as donation incentives during Speed Demos Archive’s Japan Relief Done Quick! You can watch it now, and help raise money for Doctors Without Borders. One of my plushies has already been given away, and there are 9 more waiting to be given out!

A Red Moo, from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil!

A Red Moo, from Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil! (Ravelry page here.) And…

A yellow Luma, from Super Mario Galaxy!

A yellow Luma, from Super Mario Galaxy! (Ravelry page here.)

Please come visit SDA and help us raise money for Japan!

Get some megavitamins…

…because I’ve just found three rather big viruses!


These are, yet again, for SDA’s Japan Relief Done Quick! We’ll be raising money for Doctors Without Borders, who are currently doing humanitarian work in Japan to aid the tsunami and earthquake victims. If you donate $5 or more during the speedrun of Dr. Mario, you’ll have a chance to win one of these three viruses! Please help us raise money for a wonderful charity, and have fun watching us speedrun games!

(Ravelry project pages: yellow, red, and blue.)

Time to grind…

There only seems to be one… but I just know he’ll start calling for help.


Yes, it’s a Fobby, from the game Earthbound! (Ravelry project page here.) As you might have guessed, this little guy will also be given away to a random donor who gives $5 or more to Doctors Without Borders during the speedrun of Earthbound at JRDQ. I’m on a bit of a roll today, finishing two plushies and already considering a third… I should probably get some rest instead, though. More plushies are calling to me, but I’ll work on them tomorrow!

He’s made of meat!

The plushies for Japan Relief Done Quick are starting to accumulate! Joining Mr. Saturn is a very different friend: Meat Boy!

SUPER Meat Boy.

(Ravelry project page here.) I’m very happy with how he came out! He is 5″ tall and squishy (though not full of meat, just polyester fiberfil). You could win him if you donate $5 or more to Doctors Without Borders during Japan Relief Done Quick!

Oh, Mr. Saturn…

I’ve finished my first prize to give away during SDA’s Japan Relief Done Quick: a Mr. Saturn plushie, to be given away during the speedrun of Earthbound!

Mr. Saturn. BOING!

(Ravelry project page, with more photos and information, is here.)

A random donor who gives $5 or more to Doctors Without Borders will be the recipient of this little guy. 🙂 Don’t forget to watch Japan Relief Done Quick April 7 – 10 on Speed Demos Archive!