Legal terms for using my patterns are included in each pattern download. In general, please don’t share my patterns directly, even the free ones – I’d much prefer it if you shared the link to the pattern on my store. However, you may sell items made from my patterns, whether free or paid, as long as credit is given to me as the designer (with a link to Mercurial Knits). You may also give items made from my patterns as gifts or to be sold for charity causes without specific credit.

Payment and Refunds:

  • I accept payments for my paid patterns through PayPal and Stripe.
  • You will not be offered a refund for any pattern purchase as they are digital items and unable to be returned in any meaningful sense.
  • Please see the Terms and Conditions for more specifics.


Everything listed here applies to commissioned items sold through Mercurial Knits. Past commissions that were taken through Silver’s Knitted Treats do not apply.


  • I only accept PayPal. Taxes are included in the total order price I quote to you.
  • When you commission something from me, I will need a deposit which is 20% of the order’s full cost.
  • When you order two items from me, I will take $5/£3 off the price of your order. Each additional item in the order will result in another $3/£1.50 off the total price, up to a total of $14/£7.50 off per order.


  • I ship items on Saturdays, unless otherwise noted in an email I send to you.
  • I ship through the United Kingdom Royal Mail, using First Class mail for packages within the UK and Airmail for everywhere else. This cost is always included in the price of my items.
  • If you desire a faster shipping method or shipment tracking, I will charge extra accordingly. Please note that buyers are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred.

Refunds and Exchanges:

  • If you need to cancel your order, there is no penalty before I request full payment from you: I will refund your down payment. If you cancel after this point, I will refund 80% of your money, keeping the 20% deposit. Please remember that I am only one person, and time spent on a commission that you do not want takes away from me completing other people’s!
  • In the event your order is damaged in the process of shipping to you (I will need to see pictures of the damage), I will refund 80% of the price of your order (keeping the 20% deposit). If only part of the order is damaged, I will refund 80% of that portion of your order. Please note that any damage done by you, pets, children, natural disasters, etc. I will not refund.
  • If an item is lost, please contact me and I will see about trying to locate it. In the event that the postal service has lost it completely I will refund 80% of your money, keeping the 20% initial deposit.
  • I will not exchange any item I previously sold you for a different one.


  • I will never sell or give your name, email address, or any contact information you provide to me to anyone, except in the extremely rare and unlikely event that I am required to by law (e.g. to assist in a court case).

Last updated: July 30, 2020