Thanks for visiting Mercurial Knits! You may know me as Mercury, MercuryZelda, or MercuryDotCom… but my real name is Emily Anne Davies. I’m a knitter, a keen home cook, and a gamer – and I love designing knitting patterns.

Emily Anne Davies knitting on her couch.
Me knitting a shawl designed by Silver, April 2020

I suffer from some chronic health problems but I try my best to keep going. I took a year-long break from knitting when my cousin, whom I was very close to growing up, was killed and I sank into depression. Thankfully, my friend Silver shook me out of my funk by sending me some yarn and encouraging me to knit again; now, knitting gives me solace. Not all days are good, but luckily I seem to have more good than bad lately.

I am originally from Upstate New York, but now live in South Yorkshire. I moved to the UK in October 2011 to live with my husband Paul Davies, a programmer and RPG/dungeon crawler enthusiast. My residency was approved in August 2014, and I became a citizen in February 2020, so I am here to stay!

Emily and Paul in Hull
Me and Paul getting rained on in Hull, May 2015.