New patterns and… taking commissions again through SKT!

Since the last time I updated, I’ve published three new fingerless gloves knitting patterns – two free, and one more for sale. My Basket Cable Mitts and Dragon’s Armor Gauntlets are both free, while my Clove in Cream Mitts are only $2 plus tax. Give them a try if you like to knit – and you can see all of my available patterns here on Ravelry.

Basket Cable Mitts

Basket Cable Mitts

Clove in Cream Mitts

Clove in Cream Mitts

Dragon's Armor Gauntlets

Dragon’s Armor Gauntlets


I have also decided to start taking commissions again, but through my dear friend Silver’s site, Silver’s Knitted Treats. Go check out our store there and feel free to custom order anything you’d like that isn’t already for sale.

I’ve already made some very cute things on commission…


Commissions open again

As of August 1, 2011, I am now re-opened for commissions. I still have quite a large queue, but now that I have finished my marathon work for SDA’s Summer Games Done Quick (which benefits the Organization for Autism Research), I will plow through them the way I should! Please be aware that it may take me anywhere from three to four months to start working on any new commissions. I will be working hard to update this blog regularly once again and making my progress known.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding. On with the knitting!