Long time no update

A lot has happened in the past seven months! I got married, moved across the Atlantic Ocean, attended (and made prizes for) another SDA marathon, and even bought a budgie. Now that things have finally settled, and I have all my yarn once again in my possession, I’m ready to dust off my website and really get to work on my queue.

I am not currently taking commissions, because I am catching up with the ridiculously late projects I have to finish.

Thanks again to all those who have supported me throughout my long absence from work–with luck and some determination on my part, I will never have to make anyone wait so long again.

Commission hiatus

As of July 2, 2011, I am currently closed for commissions. I need this time to make the orders I already have in my queue, as well as work on prizes for the next Speed Demos Archive marathon, Summer Games Done Quick, August 4-6. As such, I feel it would be irresponsible to commit to any other projects during this time, when I am unable to provide an accurate “finished” estimate.

I will make another blog post announcing when I am again ready to take on new commissions.

I am working my hardest to get through my queue and get everything out to my customers. I appreciate everyone’s patience, and thank you all for supporting me. <3