Roll up for the mystery tour

That’s right, the Prince of All Cosmos is finally finished!

Me and the Prince of All Cosmos!

And he’s already off to his new home in Virginia! Hopefully he’ll have a safe journey, and not roll up too many other packages on his way there… ūüėČ His Ravelry project page is here, for those of you curious for more details and an extra picture.

Playing catch-up

Making so many plushies in such a short timespan has left me a bit drained! I’ve been trying to relax by learning about Tunisian crochet. I’m¬†making a bunch of squares showcasing the different stitches, and I’m planning to knit them together to make a blanket for¬†my couch.¬†I’d love to order the interchangeable crochet hook kit from Denise Interchangeable Needles but I can’t really spend superfluous money right now. Oh well, maybe¬†my parents¬†will get it for¬†me as a birthday present eventually? ūüôā

I haven’t forgotten my commission work. On Monday I finished up all the knitting for the Prince of All Cosmos plushie I’ve been working on for two weeks. All he needs now is a face! I need to get to the craft store and buy myself some felt so I can ship this guy out. He’s a whopping 22 inches tall, from the top of his antenna to the bottom of his feet.

Prince of All Cosmos, minus his face

I will post another picture when he finally gets his face. Then, he’ll look perfect. (Or so I hope!)