Proud To Be Me! – Shawl Knitting Pattern


A fun celebratory shawl based on garter stitch, designed by my sibling-in-wool, Silver Dee.

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By Silver Dee.

This shawl is being released on the day that The Geeky Girls Knit Podcast turns 6 years old! These two ladies have been a big inspiration to me and many others over the years, and I wanted to celebrate them both.

When I was first writing this shawl pattern, I kept thinking I wanted to call this “Geeky Girls Unite” as an attempt to celebrate all of the wonderful women in the Knitting Community who don’t care that their “Geek Flag” was flying. In fact, the original version of the lace section spells out “Geeky Girls Unite” in Morse Code. I have since adapted the pattern to allow for “Geeky Guys Unite” to be knit into the shawl as well. I didn’t want to exclude anyone from enjoying this simple knit. It is meant to be a shawl that you can bring with you to Knit Night, Summer BBQ’s or even to all of those Summer Retreats. Or, it can be knit when your brain can’t wrap itself around those harder lace patterns (which happens to be my default brain setting, let’s be honest…lol)

It can be knit in any amount of yarn, any weight of yarn & whatever size needles you choose. Please feel free to use as many (or as little) colors as you wish. I’ve tested this pattern in fingering, heavy fingering, and worsted, and MANY different colors!

When it comes to needle sizing, may I recommend:
US 4 – 3.5mm – Lace weight
US 6 – 4.0mm – Fingering
US 7 – 4.5mm – Heavy Fingering
US 8 – 5.0mm – DK/Sport
US 9 – 5.5mm – Worsted

Materials Needed:
1) Needles in the size recommended for the weight of yarn you are doing. I suggest getting shorter cables to start off, and the longer cables as you go along.
2) Yarn of any weight, color, speckles, gradient, etc of your choosing.
3) 8 Stitch markers, all different, for working on The Coda section at the end of the shawl.

  • Yarn weight: Any
  • Gauge: 22 stitches and 44 rows = 10 cm
  • Yardage: 400 – 2300 yards (366 – 2103 m)

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