Store switchover + small update

Hi everybody. My knitting BFF Silver just opened their own Ko-fi pattern store, so you can shop their patterns there. They just released a brand-new shawl pattern called “Pronoun Party”, and for the month of June, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project. Give it a go!

A photo of me wearing my Pronoun Party shawl, designed by Silver.
Me modelling my Pronoun Party shawl, made in genderqueer pride colours.

As such, I’ve revamped the store that was here, moving it to an external site – PayHip. This has made Mercurial Knits load MUCH faster and also allowed me to add a pay-what-you-want scheme for my patterns which used to be at a fixed price. I changed the pricing to free simply because these early patterns of mine were not properly graded or tested, as I was very new to pattern writing. My newer ones are much more size inclusive and better written overall, and thus still have a baseline price.

For me, it’s been a tough few years. About a year and a half into my studies, my dad became severely ill, and the stress of it all while being 3,000+ miles away made it impossible for me to focus. I withdrew, and at this point, I have essentially forgotten most of what I learned. I want to go back to Korean and Japanese, but I am very, very slow with it. Then, another chronic illness added itself to my list, so I am managing that as best I can. Finally, early this year, my mother-in-law, who had been an absolute rock for me ever since I moved to the UK, passed away suddenly. Our whole family barely had any time to say goodbye – it was very painful. We are healing slowly but we still feel her loss deeply.

Eventually, I would like to finish my alphabet of fingerless mitts patterns. Can you believe I already got Q out of the way and then just stopped? There really aren’t that many letters left to do.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Three new fingerless mitts patterns available in my store!

Hello again! Three of my fingerless mitts patterns, previously only available via Patreon, are now accessible from my Pattern Shop! Two of them you’ve seen previewed on here before, the Ribbed Leaf Mitts and the Swift and Simple Lace Mitts, but the third one has only been seen on Patreon – my Tweed Rib Mitts! Check them out and let me know what you think. 🙂

Tweed Rib Mitts
My hand, wearing my Tweed Rib Mitts while practicing hiragana (Japanese characters).

Two new fingerless mitts patterns available through Patreon!

Hello and happy September!

I’m pleased to say that my Patreon page is growing and I’ve uploaded two fingerless mitt patterns which are only available through there: Ribbed Leaf Mitts and Swift & Simple Lace Mitts. They’re both quick to knit and easily amendable to a range of sizes.

I’d also like to say that, thanks to a kind knitter alerting me to the problem, the pattern shop is now operating as intended. Before, it asked you to accept the terms & conditions for shopping, but there was no checkbox to click – this was a bug and has now been fixed, so you can get all the patterns available in my shop with no issue.

Thank you for your continued support! <3

Our own pattern shop!

Since Ravelry has recently doubled down on their stance against accessibility, I no longer feel comfortable sending people there to purchase / download my patterns. Thus, I’ve added a pattern store to my site where you can download them from me. It works via PayHip.

You can access my dear friend and sibling-in-wool Silver’s patterns on their Ko-fi page.

You can still support me on Patreon for early access to my new patterns and other goodies. Alternatively, you can send me some support via my Ko-fi if you don’t want to worry about recurring payments. Thank you!

Mercurial Knits on Patreon!

Today is my 33rd birthday, so I thought I’d take a leap and launch my Patreon. 🙂 Why sign up? Well, you’ll receive sneak peeks of my patterns in progress, get access to my patterns six months before the public do, and even offer suggestions of what types of items I should knit and games I should take inspiration from – and you’d be helping me make a living doing what I love.

I have three tiers available:

  • £3 a month, which gives you access to the sneak peeks
  • £6 a month, which also lets you get patterns six months before the general public does (these will be paid patterns, but you’ll receive them for free!)
  • £12 a month, which also lets you suggest colours, type of garment / accessory and games to take inspiration from

Any amount is appreciated, of course, and even just spreading the word to your knitting friends would be a great help to me. I’ve found I really love getting to make patterns for others to enjoy, and getting money on Patreon to do just that will help me so much. My main goal right now is to reach £150 a month, at which point I will stream my knitting progress live on once a month, and also play a suggested-by-patrons game once a month.

Thank you all!