Store switchover + small update

Hi everybody. My knitting BFF Silver just opened their own Ko-fi pattern store, so you can shop their patterns there. They just released a brand-new shawl pattern called “Pronoun Party”, and for the month of June, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project. Give it a go!

A photo of me wearing my Pronoun Party shawl, designed by Silver.
Me modelling my Pronoun Party shawl, made in genderqueer pride colours.

As such, I’ve revamped the store that was here, moving it to an external site – PayHip. This has made Mercurial Knits load MUCH faster and also allowed me to add a pay-what-you-want scheme for my patterns which used to be at a fixed price. I changed the pricing to free simply because these early patterns of mine were not properly graded or tested, as I was very new to pattern writing. My newer ones are much more size inclusive and better written overall, and thus still have a baseline price.

For me, it’s been a tough few years. About a year and a half into my studies, my dad became severely ill, and the stress of it all while being 3,000+ miles away made it impossible for me to focus. I withdrew, and at this point, I have essentially forgotten most of what I learned. I want to go back to Korean and Japanese, but I am very, very slow with it. Then, another chronic illness added itself to my list, so I am managing that as best I can. Finally, early this year, my mother-in-law, who had been an absolute rock for me ever since I moved to the UK, passed away suddenly. Our whole family barely had any time to say goodbye – it was very painful. We are healing slowly but we still feel her loss deeply.

Eventually, I would like to finish my alphabet of fingerless mitts patterns. Can you believe I already got Q out of the way and then just stopped? There really aren’t that many letters left to do.

I hope everyone is doing well.