A bonus pattern for May – Quadrotriticale Mitts (free)!

Finally, I’m back to my end-of-the-month schedule for releasing fingerless mitt patterns. This free pattern was inspired by quadrotriticale, a specially-crafted grain that was able to grow on the otherwise-barren Sherman’s Planet in the Star Trek universe. It was a major plot point on the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”… oh, I seem to have attracted one!

A friendly little tribble jumped right into my hand! Quadrotriticale Mitts – Free on Ravelry.

They’re so cute! I wonder if this one will be… oh dear.

They’re multiplying… better make some for yourself and lure a few away before they take over my house! 😉 They’re free on Ravelry and a quick, fun knit.

Some Final Fantasy white mage-inspired knits!

For Christmas last year, I made my friend, Lyra, a pair of fingerless gloves with some white mage detailing on them – she loves to play a white mage in Final Fantasy XIV, and has saved my blundering lancer many a time.

White Mage fingerless gloves, a gift for a friend (link goes to Ravelry)

However, I made them too small! She’s taller than I am and I didn’t take this into account. So, a few months later, I made a replacement pair.

White Mage fingerless gloves – the replacement gift (link goes to Ravelry)!

I felt bad that it had taken me so long to rectify my error, so I decided to… make poor Lyra wait even longer while I knitted her a white mage hooded cowl, as well.

White Mage hooded cowl (link goes to Ravelry)

All that’s left for me to do now is mail these off to her, and she’ll finally be able to dress like the white mage she plays. It was fun to make some non-hat, non-plushie video game things!