Not as planned

So, I did indeed travel to the UK, and stayed with my fiancé for a good long while. In fact, I stayed a whole week longer than I had planned, due to some travel mishaps. At any rate, I am now back in the states, and very, very far behind in my queue.

Moving, especially to a different country, is not exactly easy. In the process of bringing over my possessions, I had to leave some important things back here. That included all of my acrylic yarn, and my fiberfill stuffing, both of which are vitally important to my work. Long story short: I didn’t get any work done while in England, and despite being back a week, I still have not done any. All I can do is apologise and promise to work harder, but that won’t make my commissions be done when I had promised them. I am very, very sorry. If anyone was expecting a commission to be finished by this point and won’t have it in time, I am more than willing to refund their down payment and cancel their order.

I have to reorganise my queue once again, as well, as the European orders I had placed on higher priority are just going back to their original positions. In addition, I still have quite a lot of wedding planning to do, considering it’s only three months away and I haven’t even finalised the guest list. It’s going to take me a while to sort out my orders and my site (and my life, for that matter), but hopefully I will be back up to speed soon. Thanks, everyone, for understanding and being patient.