Still trying

My last post still stands; however, before I go to England, I’m going to try to whip out some of the fast projects in my queue. I wonder how many I can finish before I leave on Saturday?

The first down is a Kirby plushie for Andreas Karlsson.


Each time I make a Kirby, I have a harder and harder time sending them away! One of these days, I’ll have to make one for myself. (His Ravelry project page is here.)


This Saturday, I’m leaving for a month. Where am I going? England! 🙂 I will be living with my fiancĂ© and trying to get as many things sorted out as possible. We’re getting married this autumn, so the more I accomplish now, the easier things will be for the both of us when it’s time for me to actually move.

What does this mean with regards to commissions? I’m still accepting them, and updating my queue. The thing is, there may be more of a delay than I had at first told you because of my travelling. I am going to focus on the European commissions while I am in England, because it will be faster for European customers to receive them from there. My queue page will be rearranged to reflect this. No one has been forgotten or ignored. If I finish all of the European commissions during my month stay, I will work on the North American ones again; I won’t stall on your projects just because I’m in the UK.

Thank you all for supporting me by ordering items, spreading the word about my site, or even just reading my blog. It means so much to me to help support myself by doing something I truly love, and something that I hope makes others happy.