Being busy is good!

I can’t believe that I honestly have ten things (nine orders) lined up in my queue. I’m so excited! It feels good to honestly get my business off the ground, and to be certain I have made the right choice.

Right now I’m working on the second of two Zero helmets. These things are really time-consuming, but the results are worth it. They have a very helmet-y shape and I’m always happy with the way they look. Still, though, I can’t wait until I’ve moved on down through my queue a bit, heh. I get excited just thinking about taking more on.

Also, I’d like to thank Speed Demos Archive for mentioning me on their front page, in the most recent update (which has been the top post for a little over two weeks now!). It means a lot to me that they support me, because I love the community there. It’s great to play video games, but it’s even more fun to play them fast. 😉