A long-overdue update!


You may remember that I used to knit things, and blog about that. Then again, you may not, considering how rarely I did just that.

I seem to be finally settling down here in the England. My Indefinite Leave to Remain was recently approved by the Home Office, meaning that I am now officially a permanent resident of the United Kingdom! With that worry off my shoulders, and my health at least stable, I have decided to slowly venture back into the knitting world. I am still not taking commissions, but when my good friend Jessica asked me if I would write for the blog on her own website (where you can order things!), I eagerly agreed. So if for one reason or another you missed my writing, you can check it out over at Silver’s Knitted Treats, specifically The Daily Binder section.

If and when I start to knit again, expect some cross-posts from there to here. 🙂