What’s going on?

Hello there. Sorry for my continued absence; I have had many tests for my health problems and also had a family tragedy come my way: my cousin was missing for two months, only to be discovered dead… things have been hard, to say the least. This cousin was one of my first and most ardent supporters, and losing her enthusiasm and love has taken quite the toll. I will miss her forever. I don’t mean to dwell endlessly on my personal problems, though.

I have been getting back into knitting now and hope to move through my queue. I don’t mean for my words to keep proving empty; I have not taken on new commissions in quite a long time because of these problems, and I still will not take new commissions until I manage to empty my queue.

Thank you all for understanding. It is wonderful to have support even as I’ve been lacking in completing my work.

One thought on “What’s going on?

  1. I recently got into watching Summer Games Done Quick from a while back and you provided most of the things they gave away and as a person who does not know you, I must say you have a very big fan in me. I really hope things start looking up for you and I hope you keep doing what you love to make yourself and others happy.

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