Thanks for visiting Mercurial Knits! You may know me as Mercury, MercuryZelda, or MercuryDotCom… but my real name is Emily Anne Davies. I’m an avid knitter and gamer. You may have seen some of my work as donation prizes during the older Games Done Quick video game charity marathons. Once upon a time I was a programmer, but I’ve found myself much happier making knitted items and designing knitting patterns.

Mercury and Ivy the Venusaur

Mercury and Ivy, the tiniest Venusaur

I suffer from some chronic health problems but I try my best to keep going. I took a year-long break from knitting when my cousin, whom I was very close to growing up, was killed and I sank into depression. Thankfully, my friend Silver shook me out of my funk by sending me some yarn and encouraging me to knit again; now, knitting gives me solace. Not all days are good, but luckily I seem to have more good than bad lately.

I am a native of Upstate New York, but now live in South Yorkshire. I moved to the UK in October 2011 to live with my husband Paul Davies, a programmer and video game speedrunner. My residency was approved in August 2014 so I suppose I’m here to stay!

Emily and Paul in Hull

Me and Paul, getting rained on in Hull.

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