All of my knitting patterns are available as PDF downloads through Ravelry. My username on there is MercuryZelda. You don’t have to be a Ravelry member to download the patterns, either. 🙂

Fingerless Mitt Patterns

Apex & Nadir Mitts
Apex & Nadir Mitts - $2 + tax
Basket Cable Mitts
Basket Cable Mitts - Free
Clove in Cream Mitts
Clove in Cream Mitts - $2 + tax
Dragon's Armor Gauntlets
Dragon's Armor Gauntlets - Free
Ears of Sweetcorn Mitts
Ears of Sweetcorn Mitts - $2 + tax
Flowers & Moss Mitts
Flowers & Moss Mitts - Free
Green Grating Mitts
Green Grating Mitts - $2 + tax
Hopping a Hurdle Mitts
Hopping a Hurdle Mitts - Free
Irresistible Chevron Lace Mitts
Irresistible Chevron Lace Mitts - Free
Jagged Rib Mitts
Jagged Rib Mitts - Free
Knit the Rainbow Mitts
Knit the Rainbow Mitts - Free
Lacy Thorns and Roses Mitts
Lacy Thorns and Roses Mitts - Free
Makeshift Rib Mitts
Makeshift Rib Mitts - Free
Nifty Netted Mitts
Nifty Netted Mitts - Free
Over and Over Mitts
Over and Over Mitts - Free
Pink Peach Blossom Mitts
Pink Peach Blossom Mitts - Free
Quadrotriticale Mitts with some 'tribble' pom-poms
Quadrotriticale Mitts - Free
Straight To It
Straight To It - Free

Home Patterns

Tetris Lap Blanket
Tetris Lap Blanket (For the Gamer in Your Life) - $5 + tax

Plush Toy Patterns

The Walrus Was John-Paul
The Walrus Was John-Paul - Free
Easy Knitted Easter Eggs
Easy Knitted Easter Eggs - Free