Post-marathon roundup

Thanks everyone for helping to make Summer Games Done Quick such a success! We raised over $21,000 for the Organization for Autism Research in a little over 60 hours.

I made lots of prizes for this marathon, and didn’t get a chance to spotlight them on this blog individually; however, you can view them all . . . → Keep reading: Post-marathon roundup

Commissions open again

As of August 1, 2011, I am now re-opened for commissions. I still have quite a large queue, but now that I have finished my marathon work for SDA’s Summer Games Done Quick (which benefits the Organization for Autism Research), I will plow through them the way I should! Please be aware that it may . . . → Keep reading: Commissions open again


This Saturday, I’m leaving for a month. Where am I going? England! 🙂 I will be living with my fiancé and trying to get as many things sorted out as possible. We’re getting married this autumn, so the more I accomplish now, the easier things will be for the both of us when it’s time . . . → Keep reading: Slowdown

Clinging to my head

I finished making another katamari hat!

This one is nearly identical to the hat I made for Speed Demos Archive‘s Awesome Games Done Quick. The only difference is that this one has eight bumps instead of seven, which (in my opinion) fills the hat out better. Also, this hat took . . . → Keep reading: Clinging to my head

Argh, Headcrab!

Why yes, I did finish knitting a headcrab hat today!

I sure do look happy for its “currently nomming Mercury’s head” status. Its Ravelry project page, with more details and photos, is here!

I really love making hats, in general. This is the first time that I have . . . → Keep reading: Argh, Headcrab!