Someone actually hacked my blog.

Yes, mine, as innocuous as it is. Thanks, jerk! Hope you had fun! Luckily I take site backups, and with the help of my amazing fiancĂ©, we’re back on board. Anyone who claims to hack “for fun” is just making people’s lives harder. Why not take your programming skills and . . . → Keep reading: OMG TEH HAX

Snow snow snow

Every week, another snow storm. I should be happy, because snow means cold weather, and cold weather is prime knitting time. However, I’ve never been a fan of winter–not even when I was in elementary school and we got snow days. (Okay, snow days were probably the only good part of winter.) Lately I’ve been . . . → Keep reading: Snow snow snow

Time to test the waters.

It might be an odd time of year to use that phrase, considering all the snow that is blanketing my lawn outside, but it rings true nonetheless. It’s time for me to get my blog, and my new shop, in gear.

I sell knitted goods of all sorts, mainly related to video games. Why? Because . . . → Keep reading: Time to test the waters.